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08:27pm 25/10/2005
  i believe i'm moving back.  

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11:24pm 02/09/2005
  in case anyone wondered....still alive.  

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09:36pm 20/03/2005
  where should i visit this summer?  

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10:18am 03/01/2005
  I havent been able to edit in the longest time due to my living situations of late, hopefully that will soon change.

i want to record my new years experience since it was the first party type situation ive attended on new years (and one of the few in my life due to my rather-be-at-home-baking-ness.)

I think it was 90% gay men...which made for the cutest time ever. Just being a voyerist mostly...
a few notable quotes:
"im soooo glad a few straight people showed up, nobody was eating the food i made *makes cross with fingers* caaaaaaarbs aghhh!"

"youve been sucking cock back there havent you" *giggling*

"ya, thats the age that theyre like...were teenagers damnit!* (i suppose this one isnt as wonderful without the gesticulations...)

plus! drunk chad spoke to my raging mother. ahaaaaaaa. ...ahh.

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11:26pm 01/12/2004
  Finals this and next week.

......im nervous.

I also happen to be borderline on a lot of my grades, which makes me more nervous.

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02:11pm 16/11/2004
  Today is my stay in my room and bullshit a paper day. Oh god, my RA came by and knocked at the door, so i hid in my closet. this is...so sad.
maybe i should go outside for a bit to shake off the scum ive accumulated the past coupld days of not moving/eating/being generally unhealthy.

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10:44pm 25/10/2004
  i havent written in here in a long time...

i have to know which semester im switching schools, damn it.

....the sad reason im not updating is because i have nothing to update.
because my life is the same say in and out.
and because im lazy.

oh, but: i met a band from austin, tx the other day. the bass player was a LOVELY individual...who made me feel bad about my bitter view of the world with his nice-ness and appreciative attitude.
i liked him.
later, some hicks proclaimed him gay without realizing how nice of a guy he really was.


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05:27am 04/10/2004
  i just had one of the most frightening dreams ive ever had. i was with jonna the whole dream, and we started noticing these two hoodlums hanging around. one was taller with dark hair, and the other shorter and bleach blonde. we watched them routinely steal things and put them in their apartment in a really quiet, eerie way. i never saw them talk. so one day we noticed they stole my whiskey box from my house, so i went and got it back. i wish i hadnt, i was really frightened of the two boys. in that dreamish omnipresent way, i knew that they knew id been there....i looked out the peephole to my apartment and told jonna they were out there on theirbikes and saw me see them. she started freaking out and running around. they started slowly creeping up to the apartment in that silent, eerie way they had. i told jonna to get in the garage, so we did and i got in the car. she wasnt in the car yet when the boys came into the garage by the outside. i wanted to lock the doors but jonna wasnt in, so i started ramming the boys with the car. the bigger one fell, and eventually the little one did too. they werent dead. got out and picked up this rope with a knot in the end and started beating the bigger boy's head with it, it had the affect of beating in a pumpkin and it was....disgusting. i was sure he wasnt getting up, os i began beating the little one's head. he just kept smilng eerily....like he knew he was eventually going to get jonna and i..so i beat harder but with little effect. jonna in the meanwhile was explaining how the cops wouldnt be able to tell that i was beating this boy severely...so i told herto call them. he just keptstaring and smiling eerily...so i picked him up and started slamming him on the ground, trying to bust open his head. then i woke up. gahhh. i cant sleep now.  

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10:27pm 19/09/2004
  *breathes in*
right now...i look more like a crackwhore than i ever shall again. yes, i fear this is my summit. my peak. no bra, wife beater, smeared eye-liner, and underwear. pardon, for i must pick out the mites.

sidenote: huge test tomorrow. im trembling down to my brittle witch bones.

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10:16am 13/09/2004
  While drinking tea, it is best to take the bag out of the cup...just in case you suck the string into your throat and almost choke to death on the bag. advice for all.

also, napoleon dynamite is awesome.

jonna, i never think of you as the fifth wheel..my little heart beats for you.


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09:03am 02/09/2004
  robert, where are you...where...  

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04:06pm 25/08/2004
  Irksome things at the moment:
1) i live in louisiana. it is summer. my car is without air conditioning due to a huge ass tire in the road. i feel pity for the poor quadrapalegic trucker who left it there, unable to move it due to lack of limb movement. (its the only reason it would have been left in such a careless manner that i can think of)
2)the girl in the room next to mine is either a wall scratcher or a giant rat and cant help but claw our mutual wall do shorten its massive fingernails. ...poor rat... curiously, it makes human female shrieking and groaning noises (the sort usually paired with sex) often during the day. a human male later emerges from the room, with a look of what can only be described as "beastiality related satisfaction" on his face. strange, strange man.
3) i need a human anatomy book, but they are out of stock.

non irksome things: th monster visits today.

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01:04am 22/08/2004
  Im in my dorm....which through a series of very bad mistakes happens to be the sorority dorm.
what a silly twist of fate that is.
im up to my eyes in blondes....

eh. nobody's tried to claw my eyes out yet...its NICER physically than the honors dorm....and i have no roomate to speak of. *grin*

i would like to make note of several things i will miss about my job...mainly dr. flynt's manish cowboy boots and matter-of-fact way of asking questions.

im now going to the fabulous community bathrooms to partake of a fabulous community style shower, i hope all is well.

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04:40pm 19/08/2004
  im off to college tomorrow.

...thought it was noteworthy.

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07:01pm 01/08/2004
  Today was supposed to be magical megan monster day, but (humorously as predicted earlier that day...as a joke...) it turned into magical band practice day.
no no, im alright with it. as always.

instead i braved the stored to try and uncover clothing...which i did...but was severely annoyed the entire day with the usual shopping happenings. (really slow old women, silly giggly ladies inquiring of their portliness, and stretch pants you arent aware of being stretch until it's far too late and theyre already suctioned to your flesh.)

Ahead are three days of the 7-6 shift followed by a week in michigan with my mothers side of the family. *wince*

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11:53am 30/07/2004
  I had a dream just before i awoke involving happening upon adam...(of all people...)
Me: hey adam! whoa! its been a long time, do you want to hang out?
Adam: uh, no. *walks off*
Me: Wait...why not?
Adam: forget it.
Me: Tell me.
*id just caught up to him*
Adam: Alright. because youre a million people. ive talked to people and they never knew who i was describing. Ive never been able to look in the lost and found box and come up with the same results once!

i dont really know what the last comment means...erm...but still. i woke up with a troubled train of thought.

"am i more than one person? wait, no. Im definitely one. I mean, when someone meets me i act differently than i would if they were familiar, but thats normal...and ive changed of course, but thats bound to happen. good god, i do the same thing everyday. whats becoming of me..wheres robert...i hope hes not mad because i didnt call...lost wills number...ach."

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02:22pm 24/07/2004
  Someone brought in puppies they found in a dumpster to the office so...im taking care of them when we arent open.
gesh, a dumpster in the louisiana heat.
theyre probably three weeks old...good god. so cute.

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12:43am 22/07/2004
  Well, apparently my dorm rook is co-ed...and also i wont have a room mate...which is preferable.

Im very grateful for not being placed in the all girl dorm, if only to avoid sickly girl power vibes.

I have less than a month before i leave this graveyard town for an equally horrid one, though one not inhabited by my mother. If she opens my mail one more time...curtains. FOR HER!

...and by that i dont intend to buy her new curtains, rather...buy her a ONE WAY TICKET TO THE GRAVE!

...and by that i mean her own.

Question of the day: where IS rob mann?

Sad happening of the day: ditched: numero 5,839,281,297.

may a guitar string fly from his instrument and pop out an eye, and may that lead to a costly. limb stealing traffic accident due to 2-d vision...and may THAT lead to the inability to play because of...limb loss.

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12:53pm 20/07/2004
  A note to myself at age 80: If you havent done a lot of awesome stuff, im going to be mad at you.  

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12:16am 16/07/2004
  i met one of the monster's friends tonight that wasnt an idiot...i dont know why i always assume they will be...wait! yes i do. its because the only contact ive had with his friends has been that trip to the drug den with stupid girl asking me if i wanted a bong hit. thats a horrid phrase..."bong hit."

anyway. i suppose ill stop assuming everything he touches is crap.

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